Production Truck Rental NYC

What if you could have all of the production equipment, expendables and supplies you needed right on location? Now you can. Our Wits Trucks™ production truck rental is a box truck that comes fully stocked with everything you could need. Learn more below, and contact us today to schedule your rental.

How Does It Work?

Simply park the Wits Truck™ on location, pay a package price for most equipment that is pre-loaded, and pay as you go for the expendables and specialty items you use. Our PA will be there to help you find everything you need and provide an exceptional customer service experience. It’s that simple.

What’s Included?

Our Wits Trucks™ are fully-loaded with all the newest and best-maintained production equipment and expendables. You can think of it as your “Swiss Army Knife™” on wheels:


If you need something on set, you can count on it being here. From tables and chairs to tents and dollies, brooms and shovels, garbage cans, make-up mirrors and more, we have it all.


We have one of the largest inventories of production expendables and supplies on the East coast. Our Wits Trucks™ offer everything from the most basic must haves to expendables that you might not have needed when you did your initial tech scout. From camera supplies and bulbs to tapes, liquids, sprays, rope and so much more, we’ve got the grip, electric, prop, vanities and production covered.

Experienced PA

Your Wits Truck™ production truck rental also comes with an experienced PA, who you can think of as your own personal concierge. The PA is there to help ensure your equipment and expendables experience is as efficient and as enjoyable as possible.

Schedule Your Rental

Ready to rent your own Wits Truck? Simply get in touch and let us know when you need it. We’ll ensure your truck is fully stocked, clean, and ready for a great day on location. We invented it. We perfected it—and no one has been able to duplicate it since.