Truck Rental NYC

Every production has unique transportation needs. At Wits End, we offer a full range of truck rental options in NYC and LIC, from box trucks to fully customized trucks for each of your departments. Learn more below, and get in touch today to request a rental.

Box Trucks

Our box trucks provide all the space you need to transport your production equipment. We have options from Ford, GMC, Chevy and Isuzu, all of which feature a power lift gate for convenient access.


Chevy & GMC Box Trucks

Ford Box Trucks

Unique Production Vehicles

Wits Trucks™

Your “Swiss Army Knife™” On Wheels

Our Wits Trucks™ are fully stocked warehouses on wheels! These custom designed vehicles are loaded with production equipment and expendables. Simply park the Wits Truck™ on location, pay a package price for most equipment that is pre-loaded and pay as you go for the expendables and specialty items you use. We even provide an experienced PA to help you find everything you need quickly and assist in making your production equipment and expendables experience a pleasure.

Camera Trucks

Could your production benefit from a mobile camera department? We’ve got you covered. Our Camera Trucks include a darkroom, work table, battery powered lighting, custom shelving and more. Keep your equipment safe and organized while providing a convenient space for your camera department to work.


Nothing makes wardrobe changes easier than Wardrobe Trucks from Wits End. Custom cabinets, racks and shelves allow you to store and secure wardrobe items for quick access on set. Additional features like a full-length mirror, LED lighting, on board generator for powering steamers, hair dryers and even the refrigerator located inside. Built with professional ingenuity and styling for location use.

Truck Guts™

Need something a bit more custom? With our Truck Guts™ service, we can outfit one of our trucks or vans to meet your exact needs. From custom shelving for equipment storage to department specific features, we can create the perfect production truck for your team.

Schedule Your Rental

Contact us today to schedule your truck rental. You can pick up your vehicle from our Manhattan or LIC warehouse, and rest assured that your vehicle will be maintained, cleaned and ready for you at your scheduled pickup time.